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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Biz-E-Bubs© are here!!

How many times have you purchased a pair of unwanted baby socks, just to get the insert so you can
display your own baby hand knitted and
crocheted shoes and booties??
- me? Guilty as charged!! :)

Now you no longer have to spend money on those unwanted socks, because
I have Biz-E-Bubs© right here in Australia!

I am also pleased to say, there is no need to buy hundreds upon hundreds of pairs of these brilliant little knitting and crochet "must haves"... they are available to purchase in packs of THREE pairs or SIX pairs so that you can photograph multiple pairs of your adorable creations at once!

Biz-E-Bubs© are perfect for market stall displays, (or charity displays for selling handknits and crocheted babywear) - ideal for showcasing your creations for online sales such as eBay or Etsy. They are absolutely amazing for keeping baby socks and booties neat in bubbys sock drawers!! Even grab a three pack and use them for knitted bootie and sock gifts for a new bub, or as part of a basket of goodies with your own or a shop bought pair of booties or socks on them!! They really are so useful!

AVAILABLE IN COMMERCIAL QUANTITITES as well - please email me with your enquiries at: tracey@craftsbytracey.com

Biz-E-Bubs© are only available for sale through my eBay store, for all details, please click on the links below:

Biz-E-Bubs© are not available anywhere else in the world in such small quantities. How do I know? Because it took me over three and a half years to firstly, find someone who actually manufactured them, and secondly, willing to ship to Australia!! Lucky for you, I perservered and now I am able to share my booty (no pun intended!!)

If I can help iin any other way with your Biz-E-Bubs© requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me on the email address above.

I SHIP INTERNATIONALLY - just click on the links above, to be taken to the respective listings in my ebay store for shipping details :)

until soon,

Friday, November 25, 2011


for those of you who have been keenly following me, I am now at a new BLOG address:


where I will continue to provide crafting tips and ideas, and look forward to your input :)

see you there, I hope!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Just to let you know that I am still here, and will fill you all in on what has been happening, as soon as I get the chance within the next couple of days.

Lots to tell xx

Keeping the faith,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Choobz© by Tracey - free pattern!!

Choobs by Tracey is a FREE pattern available right here:

These classic design “tubes” for mobile phone or cameras are the perfect accessory and practical as well.
SIMPLE PATTERN for beginners who want to take the next step in basic crochet…
Make them in your fave footy team colours, or a more classic design, these EASY to crochet
Choobz are a doddle to make!
You will need 1 x 3.00mm crochet hook and a small amount of scrap yarn –
approx 25g in all – 8 ply acrylic
To make:
To make: chain 20 sts and join to form a ring, with a slip stitch.
Chain one, and single crochet every stitch around.  Join with a slip stitch.
Begin your pattern round: working into the front and back loops alternatively,
single crochet around and around as before until tube measures the desired length
of your phone or camera.
Sew the bottom closed and embellish as desired. For the closure, select an
appropriate button, and chain a length of contrasting yarn approximately 30 chain stitches.
And sew into position as in the pictures.

This pattern is a FREE pattern and is copyrighted to Tracey Waller Pty Ltd and is covered by Australian and international copyright. Please do not claim this pattern as yours. You may sell the products that are made from this pattern, as long as the designer is given the credit for the design and pattern.
I thank you for your kind consideration in protecting my copyright. ~ Tracey waller ©2010


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am available!! Need my help??? .

I am looking for a position either online or in a glossy magazine where I can give crafting advice to readers to enhance subscriptions, and take advantage this fast rising popular pastime.

I am very experienced in aspects of knitting and crochet as well as designing in both these areas - I have a line of designs already in cyberspace!Conversant as well in scrapbooking, greeting card making, embellishing and more, I envisage a "Dear Crafting Clinic" page where I would be available to offer tips and advice from readers' emails. I have my own Crafting clinic email address, so all emails would come direct to me for scrutiny and editing before submitting to the person who would need to approve the content and appropriateness of each page.

I am conversant with magazine and newspaper formats, having worked in both areas. I was responsible for almost 5 years for the creation, design, printing and distribution of a weekly school magazine. I also had to take the photos, edit, crop and rejig articles in order to meet the deadlines and page formulae in a timely fashion.

The end result you would receive as publisher would require very little tweaking, which would save you time as well.

I am enthusiastic and extremely capable of providing high quality content, and intelligent articles to help make your crafting magazine the market leader, and maintaining that level by proactive promotion via my social networks and website.

Please contact me at advice@thecraftingclinic.com to discuss this further. I am desperate to get moving in this field, as major changes are afoot in my life, and the objective of securing employment in this area is my ultimate priority. I want to get settled as soon as I can, in order to perform my tasks with alacrity and help you to sustain your leading edge within your marketplace.

Don't forget, the internet is world wide, so I would be pleased to work for an online or glossy magazine ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD because we are after all, only ever a click away!

Thanks for reading my plea, please, let me help you and make a partnership that would benefit everyone!

Click to join the-crafting-clinic

Click to join the-crafting-clinic