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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flawless Knitting - fact or fiction?

Have you ever seen ads for knitting enthusiasts to knit garments from home to be sold in a store? Ever wondered how knitters got their knitting so good that they were confident enough to do that?

Let me tell you, it is not that hard! if you can knit and purl stitches, then you too can make your knitting projects flawless and desirable for sale.

Let me share a few of my proven tips with you...

First of all you need to be sure that what you are knitting is well within the scope of your capabilities. no point choosing a garment that has many stitch variations, such as cables or intarsia when you can't do them confidently. For beginners, I recommend a scarf - two reasons, one is it is reasonably easy to do and secondly because chances are, it will get finished! No point knitting a garment that will suffocate inside a plastic bag for years and eventually get tossed out - that is sacrilege in the worst form :-)

Next, you need to set realistic goals for your knitting. It is difficult to start a 3 yard scarf knitting project the day before Christmas, with not much hope of getting it done to give as a gift the next day! That will only leave you disillusioned and defeated. Make sure all your knitting projects can be done within a time frame so that you can remain disciplined in your endeavours. It really works, if you do some each day.

Third - you need to assess your knitting yarn and ensure that you are choosing the appropriate yarn for that particular style of knitting. It would be difficult to knit a lacy pattern using chunky style wool, for example, and naturally the end results would be disappointing. These days there are so many avenues for buying yarns and fibres it can be exhausting. (that is why there is a free Crafting Clinic available for you!) Projects usually have a recommended yarn that they have used, but if you are careful, then substituting yarns can become a fun part of your knitting project!

Fourth - I have a motto that is simply: Let your yarn work for YOU..by that I am simply meaning, choose a yarn that is not only attractive to look at, but is easy to work with and therefore fun to use! I use a lot of textured yarns and even plastic bags and strips of torn material to create certain elements for projects, especially when it comes to finishing touches.

and last but not least: choose a knitting project that requires simple stitches. Often garter stitch (knitting every row) is all that you need, in order to make a stunning statement when you use a yarn that is suitable. Creating beautiful knitting projects is as easy as the work you put inot the ptoject before you start it!

And naturally, knitting is not the only project that these rules apply to. Crochet is another yarn craft that, with a little bit of preparation and determination, will have you churning out results like you never imagined.

And please, remember the Crafting Clinic is available for FREE advice on this and any of your yarn projects, so feel free to ask a question, it will be a pleasure to help!

Until the next time, stay encouraged and keep your projects going!


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