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Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello and Welcome!

The end of the year is nearly upon us, so what better time to introduce The Yarn Basket? You may be able to get that elusive project finished just in time for Christmas Giving! :-)

Q.What is The Crafting Clinic?
 A. The Crafting Clinic is an online Crafting Clinic that people can ask questions and advice about their crafts, and share news and information with others on the net. It is referred to as a "clinic" because it conjures up help and mending and recovery! Some projects really need that...:-)

 Q. How much does the advice cost?
 A. The Crafting Clinic is a totally FREE advice "clinic" that offers helpful information about all crafts, particularly yarn crafts and anything to do with yarns and fibres. It is run solely by me, and advice given is given without judgment or prejudice. That means you won't have to feel silly by asking even the most ordinary questions, because every question is answered confidentially. No one else will see the questions except you and me!

Q. What sort of crafts can I ask advice on?
 A. I am well versed in the following crafts:
KNITTING - circular, straight, moebius, round and long loom knitting, long tail cast on, provisional cast on, double knitting, cables, socks, gloves, short rows, yarn over increasing, lace patterns, textured knitting, scrap yarn knitting, free form knitting reading patterns, yarn substitution, needle size conversions..and much more!
CROCHET- single end hook, double end hook, afghan crochet, freeform crochet, cables, increasing, Tunisian crochet, hairpin lace crochet, granny square crochet, yarn substitution, hook size conversion, reading patterns and much more!
BEADING - freeform bead making, recycled bead making, hand making beads from natural products, ie paper, potatoes, yarns etc...
GREETING CARD MAKING - materials found around the home, how to embellish cards with things found around the home, what makes the best cards, yarns and cards, inks, embellishments, and all things card related
SCRAPBOOKING - making memories from simple things, paper bag scrapbooks, using yarns on pages, knitting a spine, crochet a border, making yarns work with other materials, embellishing with recyclables and anything scrapbooking
 EMBELLISHING - giving things a complete new look, eg scrapbooks, clothes, shoes, hair accessories, you name it! Using things you may already have around the home to add finishing touches to projects eg, hairclips, elastics, buckles, buttons, ribbons, shoelaces, foil cups, cake papers, pipe cleaners, paper, yarns, beads, anything!

Q. What is the point of a Craft Clinic when I can research my craft on many other sites?
 A. That is a good question, and the answer is very simple: this is a  personal, single ownership site. The service I offer is not a generic page with links to often unhelpful services which seem to have you going around in a complete circle and still not have the answers. My service, is different because the emails you send me get to ME - not to someone else who is working part time in an area they are not qualified in. Your questions will be answered by ME and not some cut and paste link to more sites. I am experienced enough to be able to hopefully help, if not then direct you in your challenges, and if I can't then I will research the material for you - saving you from taking that time!

Q. Why are you doing it if you are not getting paid to do it?
 A. another very good question! The truth is, I am getting paid for it, because every single person who enlists my help and who, in turn is helped by my advice, is my payment. :-) I am largely self taught in all the areas of my crafts, and I never had a single place to go for the help that is readily available online these days. I want to provide a service where people can come in, ask their question and be happy with the answers they get because they are directed at them, not anywhere or anyone else.

So these are a few questions that you may have been wanting to know the answers to. There will also be tips on how to use certain techniques in your projects along with tutorials on execution of techniques, as well as links to lots of Yarn Craft content sites, along with free patterns to try for yourself! Lots of them my own original design :-)

So please, feel free to  ASK ME A QUESTION

...keep the faith
Tracey - The Crafting Clinic


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