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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scrap Yarn Projects - do they really exist?

Anyone who is addicted to yarn craft may very well argue that point. Scrap Yarn is something that is very often used for embellishing and other yarn crafts, even donated to someone else to add to an afghan or trim.

The thing is, we have all been left with a couple of odd balls of yarn that are so lovely, too lovely to "waste" on trivial projects, and not enough to make anything worthwhile.


I am going to show you how, with a little bit of imagination and the desire to create something really really quickly,that SCRAP YARN PROJECTS ARE ALIVE AND WELL and how you can turn 4 balls  of fun yarn into a wearable accessory that will be the envy of everyone. And it will cost you next to nothing...if you are clever!!

The idea of my Scrap Yarn FringeyThingys (yes, its a cop out name, but so apt) was to use up the balls I already have in my stash and believe me there are many!! If you have the burning desire to go ahead and create one, then I suggest, when I post the pictures up later this afternoon, have a look and see a scrap yarn project that really does exist! Then,  go to your nearest yarn supplier and buy 4 of the cheapest 50g balls of as different a yarn as you can find and make one. The more dissimilar they are in thickness, texture and colour, the better!!!

You will surprise yourself at how gorgeous and warm they are and how easy and cheaply they can be made. This is a true beginners project and one that I have been using in my classes for years - BECAUSE IT IS SO EASY!! A true Scrap yarn project that will be the number one Christmas Knit in town!!

stay tuned...

Tracey :-)

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