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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Therapeutic Properties of Yarn Crafts

Some people do yoga for relaxation, some exercise and others listen to music. All of those things would be recommended at one time or another but for me, my only true form of relaxation is in crafting with yarns.

I often knit laying down in bed!! Whenever I need to think hard about something, I knit. if I am in a light mood, I crochet, when I am feeling extra creative, I make embellishments from fine yarns and maybe, paper or beads or something that has take n my fancy through the day that is lying around my craft room.

I find working with the tensile properties of yarns, of any description, gives me an inner peace and a core to relaxation that nothing else gives me. It is probably because of its ancient roots, of actually creating with the yarns, making fabrics that can be worn or displayed. it is like producing a never ending canvas.

Combining different yarns in a single project, creating a balance of texture and colour, give me a feeling of sheer delight - being a designer of wearables - and making others want to pick up needles and emulate my concepts is such a thrill.

So next time you are frustrated with a project you are working on, find some yarn and create... with the advent of freeform now, anything is possible.

The pictures shown in this blog, of this amazing bag are my very very first attempt at freeform crochet and knitting and it only took me 14 hours to complete. Every time I look at it, I get a feeling of peace and satisfaction, as I remember the coming together of the colourful fabric - all made up of irregular shapes and truly amazing yarns!!

All you need to do is keep one thing in mind - no matter what your choice of relaxation is, make sure you are enjoying it and that it is giving something to you that nothing else can. That is the very nature of therapy and for me, you cannot beat yarn crafts for therapy!

enjoy the journey...

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