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Friday, November 13, 2009

Eeny Weeny Preemie Boots FREE PATTERN

you are going to love these Eeny Weeny Preemie Boots:

1 pair of size 4.00mm straight needles (US size 6)
<20g acrylic Dk yarn
wool needle for sewing seams and toe section
embellishments as desired eg buttons, embroidery etc (look at the pictures for ideas!)

Cast on 16 stitches
Knit every row for 16 rows
cut yarn approx 10cm
thread darning needle and thread through all stitches on needle and pull firmly but gently to cinch the toe section into a circle and fold in half
sew a tiny seam for 3 - 4 ridges of garter stitch - cut yarn
fold the cast on edge in half and sew the cast on edge together to form closure for the heel.

FOR BUTTON FLAP VERSION -do not complete the sewing of the heel section. Pick up 5 stitches and knit for about 12 - 14 rows or length required to reach button when sewn in place. completing the last row: knit 4 yarn over needle, knit 4
next row: bind off (button hole made.
sew a little tiny button on the side where the button hole would sit.
complete for the other side, using the opposite side to pick up the stitches.

the heel flap version (as in the red pair as well)
to allow postnatal tubes to flowfreely in the humidicrib

now these will really make the lil toes of those tiny treasures look good enough to squeeze...if not eat!!

Please let me see your versions so that we can showcase them here in your Crafting Clinic...

til next time, stay savvy!!
Tracey :-)

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