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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FREE kids project idea: THILLY THOCK THING!!

Okay, so its almost time for the silly season, and you have a mountain of kids about to descend on you for the big occasion. Don't break out in a rash!! Go to hubby's sock drawer, and "borrow" on a long tern basis, a pair of his scrappiest socks, and do what I did...

I dragged out the craft box, snitched some yarn, a few beads, a bit of lace and made Tha"Hara the Thnake puppet for the Visitor's Toy Box. Now when the little tigers come to play, they can make their own plays and shows up and perform them for all the family...even the adults can get involved. These make the perfect anecdote for rainy days and days when boring is given the cold rush in favor of some puppeteering!

Set the Stage: put two chairs about 6 feet apart, but backs facing each other, and drape a table cloth or old sheet over them to form a curtain. Pop another chair that has a back on it, so you can drape that sheet over the back of that chair, in front of the sheet, the seat part will be the actual stage!! Put two chairs together side by side, to make a bigger stage, and drape another sheet over the seat parts to cover up all the activity behind the scenes...

Children and adults alike will love playing Punch and Judy, or better still, choose characters that mean a lot to them like, granmar and granpar and dress them accordingly. You can make easy changes of clothes by cutting large squares out of fabric, and a hole in the middle and sew elastic or joined elastic bands around the opening to make it stretchable  to fit over the hand of the puppeteer, and therefore have a smock or a cloak which is a change if they need to make a different character... draw bow ties on the smock, or pockets, or pretend patches and stitches...place snap on moustaches and woolly hair pieces that can be removed to change the look of the puppet.

See?... a really cheap and loaded with fun fun fun way to fill your childrens toy boxes AND imaginations  - and using up all those odds and ends that clutter the busy box!! And not a game-boy, or X box in sight... yay!!!

Please post your creations, we would love to see them...!!!

til next time...keep them projects rolling!!!
Tracey :-)

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