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Friday, November 20, 2009

LONG TAIL CAST ON..free video tutorial

how many times have we made the perfect beanie or pair of socks only to find that the cast on edge was just a tad too tight and the circumference of the garment kinds didn't fit? Then take a look at this easier alternative to normal cable cast on, or thumb cast on...

it gives all your cast on edges a crisp even edge with a generous stretch that does not weaken over time.

Courtesy of one of the many  free VIDEO TUTORIALS at All Yarn Crafts (click here to see more)

to see the Long tail Cast On VIDEO TUTORIAL CLICK HERE

TIP to work out how much yarn you need to execute this technique for the correct amount of stitches required for your pattern, wind the yarn around the needle the amount of stitches you require - then you will be sure to have enough tail to cast on with. Persevere, the first row you knit with this technique looks for all the world that it is loose and uneven - THAT IS NORMAL... as you knit, the fabric compresses into itself and melds the stitches into an even crisp edge hence the forgiving stretch at the completion of your garment :-)

til next time... practice practice practice...

Tracey :-)

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