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Monday, November 9, 2009

stress-less CHRISTMAS.. fact or fiction?

It is creeping up on all of us again, and at this time of the year, we tend to brave the elements in whatever part of the world we live in, to gather up our Christmas goodies well in time for the big day.

Why don't you give yourself a real break from all that hassle and all that expense?

I have made it my plan for the past ten years now, to create little gifts for the friends that I treasure so much, and tuck them away for the appropriate gift giving time. Sometimes it is as a group, when my crafters all get together for out Christmas nosh up... other times, I am invited to do demonstrations at little local church halls, and then get the opportunity to give my little "thank you and Merry Christmas" gifts to my students and friends.

Is Christmas expensive? - FACT - yes!

CAN I really stress less at Christmas Gift Giving Time? - FACT - YES... a lot of people may have answered no, and thought of it as fiction but the fact is... you can also save a lot of money by creating hand made crafted gifts from simple things like one skein scarves, or a pair of easy knit or crochet mittens, or slippers and hats.

There are so so many wonderful resources available on the net now that give us all manner of ideas and creative inspirations, that we can start creating our Christmas Gift list as early as the day after Christmas...at least you will have everything ready for the next one in time!!

Lets face it... we get so busy with the actual preparations and running around during the holiday season, we owe it to ourselves to relax and enjoy the looks on the faces of those people we love, when they receive something that you yourself have made.

Over the next few posts, I am going to show you some really simple things that you can make, and list them as free patterns in my Yahoo Group pages  - SO JOIN TODAY - by clicking the link at the top of this page, and you will gain access, as a member, to all the exciting things that we as a group are encouraged to share!

It is not too late to get the needles and hooks out now and start on your Christmas Gifts right now...with the Crafting Clinic always available to offer advice, I cannot see why you are wasting time reading my blog when you should be creating :-)

needles are calling...
til next time, please, stay safe and enjoy your craft - whatever it is...

Tracey :-)

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