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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weaving in ends?? Bah Humbug!!

Have you ever been so excited at the prospect of finishing your project, only to find that when it is all done, there is a mile of ends to weave in???

Well, over the years, I have incorporated a genius method of making sure I never have to weave in ends ever again :-)

Don't think it is possible?? Then allow me to post a question that was asked of the Knitting Clinic Group I moderate in my Ravelry life:
Does anyone have any advice for casting on cotton, bamboo or linen yarns so that the cast on edge doesn’t have that loose, loopy look (other than a provisional cast on). Similarly, any tips for joining the same yarns within a project without tying a knot?
Thanks -
I replied with the following advice:
hi there! thanks for posting a question!
I find when knitting with cotton, using the “long tail” cast on method is wonderful for creating a crisp even edge along the cast on edge.
To create a nice even edge for joining seams, I slip the first stitch of every row, the opposite to what the stitch is going to be. For example, if it is a knit row, I slip the first stitch purlwise as if to purl it, then bring the yarn back to the knit position, and vice versa for the purl rows. You can see that method of slipping the first stitch clearly making that edge in my pattern for scrap yarn baby shoes.
And as for joining yarns mid row, I leave a tail of working yarn of about 3 inches, and place a tail of the new yarn against the back of the fabric and knit the next stitch with the new yarn. I then take the old working yarn and lay it along the line of live stitches yet to be knitted from the left hand needle and watching the yarn placement, weave the yarn as I go, placing the yarn either under or over the next live stitch wrap. It weaves in beautifully as you continue to work and no weaving in when you have finished!!
…” a gift from the hands is a gift from the heart”
to which they replied:
Oh. My. God. You are a genius! (The no weaving part.) How do you think of this stuff?

how much joy is it to share?? I hope that you got something out of this in respect of weaving in your ends... kiss that technique well and truly goodbye!! This way is so much easier :-)

Until next time...keep those fingers busy!!
Tracey :-)


  1. Oh funny, that was me who commented (I'm Erikalynnie on Ravelry.) Fate hath brought me once more to this ingenius method! LOL

    BTW, I'm really so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you're doing as well as one can.

  2. haha!! I knew my advice was getting somewhere...lol...lovely to see you again. Did you notice how "anonymous" I made that post?? lol wonder if anyone else picked up on it.! Thank you so much for your kind wishes, it has been a very hard week, but a new creation has come out of it, one I have been struggling with for months, so here's hoping, as soon as it gets posted in Ravelry it will be a success!!


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