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Friday, December 10, 2010


Just to let you know that I am still here, and will fill you all in on what has been happening, as soon as I get the chance within the next couple of days.

Lots to tell xx

Keeping the faith,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Choobz© by Tracey - free pattern!!

Choobs by Tracey is a FREE pattern available right here:

These classic design “tubes” for mobile phone or cameras are the perfect accessory and practical as well.
SIMPLE PATTERN for beginners who want to take the next step in basic crochet…
Make them in your fave footy team colours, or a more classic design, these EASY to crochet
Choobz are a doddle to make!
You will need 1 x 3.00mm crochet hook and a small amount of scrap yarn –
approx 25g in all – 8 ply acrylic
To make:
To make: chain 20 sts and join to form a ring, with a slip stitch.
Chain one, and single crochet every stitch around.  Join with a slip stitch.
Begin your pattern round: working into the front and back loops alternatively,
single crochet around and around as before until tube measures the desired length
of your phone or camera.
Sew the bottom closed and embellish as desired. For the closure, select an
appropriate button, and chain a length of contrasting yarn approximately 30 chain stitches.
And sew into position as in the pictures.

This pattern is a FREE pattern and is copyrighted to Tracey Waller Pty Ltd and is covered by Australian and international copyright. Please do not claim this pattern as yours. You may sell the products that are made from this pattern, as long as the designer is given the credit for the design and pattern.
I thank you for your kind consideration in protecting my copyright. ~ Tracey waller ©2010


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am available!! Need my help??? .

I am looking for a position either online or in a glossy magazine where I can give crafting advice to readers to enhance subscriptions, and take advantage this fast rising popular pastime.

I am very experienced in aspects of knitting and crochet as well as designing in both these areas - I have a line of designs already in cyberspace!Conversant as well in scrapbooking, greeting card making, embellishing and more, I envisage a "Dear Crafting Clinic" page where I would be available to offer tips and advice from readers' emails. I have my own Crafting clinic email address, so all emails would come direct to me for scrutiny and editing before submitting to the person who would need to approve the content and appropriateness of each page.

I am conversant with magazine and newspaper formats, having worked in both areas. I was responsible for almost 5 years for the creation, design, printing and distribution of a weekly school magazine. I also had to take the photos, edit, crop and rejig articles in order to meet the deadlines and page formulae in a timely fashion.

The end result you would receive as publisher would require very little tweaking, which would save you time as well.

I am enthusiastic and extremely capable of providing high quality content, and intelligent articles to help make your crafting magazine the market leader, and maintaining that level by proactive promotion via my social networks and website.

Please contact me at advice@thecraftingclinic.com to discuss this further. I am desperate to get moving in this field, as major changes are afoot in my life, and the objective of securing employment in this area is my ultimate priority. I want to get settled as soon as I can, in order to perform my tasks with alacrity and help you to sustain your leading edge within your marketplace.

Don't forget, the internet is world wide, so I would be pleased to work for an online or glossy magazine ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD because we are after all, only ever a click away!

Thanks for reading my plea, please, let me help you and make a partnership that would benefit everyone!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

SNUGboots© by Tracey are finaly here!!

I adore the Australian iconic UGG BOOTS so much, that I have finally been able to create a knitting pattern for a baby version, for little feet in prams!!

SNUGboots© by Tracey:

pattern available now, in Ravelry page, access that through my my website HERE

Looking forward to making many pairs of these... and sharing my pattern ($5.50) with everyone...

until next time -

happy knitting!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System

The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System is here!!

Introducing my brand new knitting system completely created, designed and individually hand made right here in Australia...

This beautiful hand held straight loom with colour coordinated patterns, makes a perfect first craft tool for the absolute beginner and encourages gentle exercise for arthritic hands. Left and right handed people can easily use this loom to produce beautiful knitted fabrics.
Complete with all the notions you need including the 4mm gauge BoomerLoom© with detachable handle, wooden handled Loom Pick, darning needle, yarn weaver, 4mm crochet hook, illustrated guide and scarf pattern and yarn to get you started, The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System is the absolute must have for everyone!

Children will be making scarves and mittens in no time!

Elderly people with arthritic fingers will warm to The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System because of it's ease of use and will encourage gentle exercise to keep joints flexible and mobile and assisting in their pain management.

right and left handed people can enjoy the same terrific results every single time!

ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE of any form of knitting is required because I will include in The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System an illustrated guide with step by step pictures on how to create your first wearable garment: a scarf.

Easy to store with a detachable handle The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System is ideal for taking on holidays with you, or working with on the train or long trips in the car. Just secure with a couple of elastic bands (also included in the kit) and away you go.

I am at the moment creating and developing more patterns for The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System which incorporate a colour coordinated pattern technique and special row counting technique so that putting your project down mid row will not leave you battling to remember difficult pattern sequences or having your stitches drop mid row!

You can look forward to patterns for:
babies shoes
much much more...

Contact me at: advice@thecraftingclinic.com to pre order your BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System for yourself or someone you know who would love to start knitting like a pro in no time at all!!

until next time, keep looming :-)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scrumbley Pumps now available!

Scrumbley Pumps are the most gorgeous form of freeform crochet and knitting ever to be worn! These pumps are handcrafted and take approximately 11 hours from start to finish, making them a very viable gift option.

These Scrumbley Pumps are made to order via my website HERE and will be posted IN AUSTRALIA FREE OF CHARGE!

now I could not make it any easier for you! Your Scrumbley Pumps will arrive in their own handmade Organza Drawstring Bag, all ready for gift giving, and once they have been made, I am able to post them ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA for you, if they are a special gift for someone. I can even add a small gift card, FREE OF CHARGE with your special greeting inside.


Don't forget to get in early for that special occasion, and remember Mother's Day is not that far away! These are all made by me, by hand, so don't leave it til the last minute to order your Scrumbley Pumps!
til next time, stay crafting...
Tracey :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Crafting Clinic Storefront is growing every week!!

I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have experienced what I offer in my Crafting Clinic Storefront. The support from the local Kangaroo Valley community, and tourists, has been overwhelming, and my heart aches to be able to express my thanks! Words are not enough!!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting young scrapbooker Miss Lily Davidson, who impressed me no end with her enthusiasm and her keen sense of crafting, whom I encourage and applaud. She is precisely the market I aim to succeed with, because without these younger ones, our crafts will shrivel and die. I will certainly be hoping that her dad, will indeed take pictures of her completed Paperbag Scrapbook (the kit she purchased from the Crafting Clinic) so that I can showcase it and her wonderful artistic talent on my website.

And her adorable little "singing sister" who will be commencing her very first 2 needle knitting project with my Bubblegum Shoes knitting kit (also available in The Crafting Clinic) at the tender age of four years old!! I hope Mummy takes pictures of her knitting her baby shoes, and posts them to me so that we can encourage the tiny tots to knit away their leisure time! Her adorable little "knitting song" that she sang as she danced her way around the clinic will stay with me for a long time. What lovely children you have, Mr and Mrs Davidson!

This coming week will be difficult for me as I broke my toe during packup of the Crafting Clinic on Sunday afternoon. So my mind has been taken in a slightly different direction, in readiness for some amazing shipments I am waiting on.

My passion for this week will take me to the wonderful world of Freeform Crochet, and I have ordered mesh sandals, and purses to embellish as I encourage others to dabble in this amazing artistic world of yarn art!

I will be posting more about Freeform Crochet, as I develop the "scrumbles" in readiness for the shipments, I am holding my breath for!!

The next few weeks and months in The Crafting Clinic will be a huge push to promote childrens crafting, in the form of "Craft it Yourself" kits, available in the Crafting Clinic, to encourage other skills than pushing buttons on DS game consoles! It is important that we share all our knowledge of these ancient crafts, so that they may be taken into future generations.

In the meantime, I am taking my broken toe, and my Panadol and my scrap yarns and I am going to create something spectacular!!

Until next time, please, stay safe and happy crafting!!!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go ahead...mocha my day® ...

Introducing my very original mocha my day® drink mix:

now a registered trademark product!!

I wanted to create a drink that crafters could sip on while working at their craft, which would satisfy the cravings often associated with long concentration and hard work! I came up with a rich blend of chocolates and coffee with a nutmeg twist drink that is as easy to make as it is to drink! All you do is add boiling water for a delectable hot drink, or mix some drink mix with a little hot water to blend, and add iced water or milk to give an equally delicious cold drink! Nothing more to add, it's all in the mix!

It's alluring aroma of cinnamon, combined with the luxurious delights of chocolates and coffee - this drink is the perfect pick me up on those late nights knitting or crafting! It  leaves you wonderfully relaxed yet refreshed all at the same time!

mocha my day is available for sale on my website here: 

I would welcome any people interested in catering packs. The household packs are available in 150g packs giving you a generous 15 servings - such great value!

Catering Packs of 500g are available - and I can send a sample for you to try before you buy! please contact me to discuss the extra special sprinkle you will need to serve in the cafe/restaurant as shown below:


the perfect after dinner drink! 

the next time you reach for a satisfying drink...

go ahead.... mocha my day® 

til next time, stay crafty!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Newly released: SCAMPS Baby Shoes - another original design

There are days, when I wish that things would just happen. Today was one of those days! With the last 4 weekends, proving to be hugely successful at the Crafting Clinic storefront, I decided to ust the showroom there to launch the release of my brand new baby shoes: SCAMPS. 

Why SCAMPS? - it means: Super Cosy Aussie Made Pumps

These took a little while to perfect, and with dozens of blueprints, now in the recycle bin, the end result was very pleasing. Here is a sneak preview of the cutest little shoes around - which I am pleased to say I will be offering as sale only made to order. The pattern will come later... 

Scamps will be MADE TO ORDER - details to follow.
If you are interested, please contact me via the following link:

SIZES: 0-3 months and 3 - 6 months

Please let me know your requirements. Shoes will cost $9.50 per pair and I can quote on postage once you let me now where you are. The shoes will arrive in a fun gift boxed Chinese Take Out carton (new, not used :-P) , wrapped with a ribbon bow, and then placed into an Australia Post mail box to secure them safely and ensure their arrival in perfect condition!

Will post more pics of others as they come along - I am tweaking the design to create little boots, so will keep you posted :)

happy knitting

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lavender's Green Scrap Yarn Shoes

Remember the rhyme? Lavender's Green diddle diddle, Lavender's Green.... That gave me the inspiration to blend the two colours for my very newest knitting pattern:

Lavender's Green Scrap Yarn Shoes

The pattern for these gorgeous shoes, is available on my website here:

Just click on the Pattern Store link and you will find it there.

The new website is now fully operational, even though I am working on the construction, and it is there for everyone to be able to contribute to. Please, send me pics of your crafts so that I can add them to my gallery. You will find details on how to submit your pictures and details of your craft work on the Crafts Gallery Page.

So come on, challenge yourself and let's share all our wonderful creative projects.

And don't forget to post your comments, they are always welcome!

Tracey :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in The New Year - and a whole new DECADE!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that we have cleaned up after all the festivities it is well time for me to settle down into a huge routine and unload some little secrets I have been keeping :-)

In the first part of January (hopefully the second weekend) I will be opening The Crafting Clinic storefront, which will be located in a picturesque part of my world in a tiny little village called Kangaroo Valley (Google it, and see for yourself how delightful it is!)

The Crafting Clinic will be conducted from the town's local  Doctor's Surgery which I have a vested interested in anyway (I own the practice that runs from those premises three days a week!) so that when the Doctor is not there, I will be utilising the surgery to work from. I will subtract the few little things that are in the rooms now, to make way for a portable Clinic (ie fill the rooms up with my handmade garments, and mannequins and portable peg boards that are easily removable at the end of each day)

My aim is to use the surgery as The Crafting Clinic on weekends only at this stage, so that I have the whole week to prepare for the next Clinic on its next weekend. I shall, of course, be dressed in a full Medical Scrubs outfit, complete with hat (from Hovi Hats), stethoscope (courtesy of my husband, the Doctor) face mask, shoe covers - the lot! It promises to raise a few giggles, I can imagine :-)

I will be selling my original design garments as well as my original patterns, with one special pattern that I will write up for my customers in the form of a prescription (very cleverly designed by myself!!). It actually looks fabulous when it is written on the mocked up prescription pad that I fashioned from my husband's doctors supplies! I anticipate this being a very popular seller as the pattern is for a complete range of slippers, called SOFALOFA slippers that I have spent months ironing out the design flaws and concentrating on the embellishing of them. They are already popular as I show them to potential customers, they instantly buy my prototypes! So I am left with making more for the store... :-)

There will also be available a huge range of handmade and hand crafted items from tea towels right through to gorgeous toys and childrens wear, as well as hats, gloves, slippers, wraps shawls and the like!

So as you can see, my new year is going to be full on in the first few weeks, getting The Crafting Clinic up and running with all kinds of fantastic merchandise inside including: pre-loved knitting needles, very old and more modern knitting and crochet patterns I have acquired over the years, crochet hooks, mountains of affordable yarns and dozens of easy to make project materials to choose from. I will be conducting live demonstrations on all crafting things like, scrapbooking, greeting card making, knitting, crochet, loom knitting and anything anyone has an inclination to learn. I will be available for remedial work as well, eg that old jumper that you never got around to finishing, or maybe a hard to read pattern you need help with! Just bring them along to the Crafting Clinic and I shall help make the journey into crafting a little less daunting... hopefully!!

I am currently working on a project that will actually allow me to make a pair of slippers or a scarf or a pair of fingerless mittens WHILE YOU WAIT !! but that will be a little later on in the proceedings!

So for now, The Crafting Clinic is making waves in a tiny town in New South Wales, and it promises to be something that will help to encourage people of all ages (and both sexes!) to pick up a project and make something that they can keep or give as a gift, and hopefully instill in the younger ones a sense of comradeship and equality when it comes to promoting their creative side! That is that part I look forward to!

So until next time, please WATCH THIS SPACE as I gather photographs and updates on how the very first Crafting Clinic storefront is going...

Please take care, and always remember: 

You must have a dream - or you will never have a dream come true!

Happy New Year and see you soon!!

Click to join the-crafting-clinic

Click to join the-crafting-clinic