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Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in The New Year - and a whole new DECADE!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that we have cleaned up after all the festivities it is well time for me to settle down into a huge routine and unload some little secrets I have been keeping :-)

In the first part of January (hopefully the second weekend) I will be opening The Crafting Clinic storefront, which will be located in a picturesque part of my world in a tiny little village called Kangaroo Valley (Google it, and see for yourself how delightful it is!)

The Crafting Clinic will be conducted from the town's local  Doctor's Surgery which I have a vested interested in anyway (I own the practice that runs from those premises three days a week!) so that when the Doctor is not there, I will be utilising the surgery to work from. I will subtract the few little things that are in the rooms now, to make way for a portable Clinic (ie fill the rooms up with my handmade garments, and mannequins and portable peg boards that are easily removable at the end of each day)

My aim is to use the surgery as The Crafting Clinic on weekends only at this stage, so that I have the whole week to prepare for the next Clinic on its next weekend. I shall, of course, be dressed in a full Medical Scrubs outfit, complete with hat (from Hovi Hats), stethoscope (courtesy of my husband, the Doctor) face mask, shoe covers - the lot! It promises to raise a few giggles, I can imagine :-)

I will be selling my original design garments as well as my original patterns, with one special pattern that I will write up for my customers in the form of a prescription (very cleverly designed by myself!!). It actually looks fabulous when it is written on the mocked up prescription pad that I fashioned from my husband's doctors supplies! I anticipate this being a very popular seller as the pattern is for a complete range of slippers, called SOFALOFA slippers that I have spent months ironing out the design flaws and concentrating on the embellishing of them. They are already popular as I show them to potential customers, they instantly buy my prototypes! So I am left with making more for the store... :-)

There will also be available a huge range of handmade and hand crafted items from tea towels right through to gorgeous toys and childrens wear, as well as hats, gloves, slippers, wraps shawls and the like!

So as you can see, my new year is going to be full on in the first few weeks, getting The Crafting Clinic up and running with all kinds of fantastic merchandise inside including: pre-loved knitting needles, very old and more modern knitting and crochet patterns I have acquired over the years, crochet hooks, mountains of affordable yarns and dozens of easy to make project materials to choose from. I will be conducting live demonstrations on all crafting things like, scrapbooking, greeting card making, knitting, crochet, loom knitting and anything anyone has an inclination to learn. I will be available for remedial work as well, eg that old jumper that you never got around to finishing, or maybe a hard to read pattern you need help with! Just bring them along to the Crafting Clinic and I shall help make the journey into crafting a little less daunting... hopefully!!

I am currently working on a project that will actually allow me to make a pair of slippers or a scarf or a pair of fingerless mittens WHILE YOU WAIT !! but that will be a little later on in the proceedings!

So for now, The Crafting Clinic is making waves in a tiny town in New South Wales, and it promises to be something that will help to encourage people of all ages (and both sexes!) to pick up a project and make something that they can keep or give as a gift, and hopefully instill in the younger ones a sense of comradeship and equality when it comes to promoting their creative side! That is that part I look forward to!

So until next time, please WATCH THIS SPACE as I gather photographs and updates on how the very first Crafting Clinic storefront is going...

Please take care, and always remember: 

You must have a dream - or you will never have a dream come true!

Happy New Year and see you soon!!


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