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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Crafting Clinic Storefront is growing every week!!

I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have experienced what I offer in my Crafting Clinic Storefront. The support from the local Kangaroo Valley community, and tourists, has been overwhelming, and my heart aches to be able to express my thanks! Words are not enough!!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting young scrapbooker Miss Lily Davidson, who impressed me no end with her enthusiasm and her keen sense of crafting, whom I encourage and applaud. She is precisely the market I aim to succeed with, because without these younger ones, our crafts will shrivel and die. I will certainly be hoping that her dad, will indeed take pictures of her completed Paperbag Scrapbook (the kit she purchased from the Crafting Clinic) so that I can showcase it and her wonderful artistic talent on my website.

And her adorable little "singing sister" who will be commencing her very first 2 needle knitting project with my Bubblegum Shoes knitting kit (also available in The Crafting Clinic) at the tender age of four years old!! I hope Mummy takes pictures of her knitting her baby shoes, and posts them to me so that we can encourage the tiny tots to knit away their leisure time! Her adorable little "knitting song" that she sang as she danced her way around the clinic will stay with me for a long time. What lovely children you have, Mr and Mrs Davidson!

This coming week will be difficult for me as I broke my toe during packup of the Crafting Clinic on Sunday afternoon. So my mind has been taken in a slightly different direction, in readiness for some amazing shipments I am waiting on.

My passion for this week will take me to the wonderful world of Freeform Crochet, and I have ordered mesh sandals, and purses to embellish as I encourage others to dabble in this amazing artistic world of yarn art!

I will be posting more about Freeform Crochet, as I develop the "scrumbles" in readiness for the shipments, I am holding my breath for!!

The next few weeks and months in The Crafting Clinic will be a huge push to promote childrens crafting, in the form of "Craft it Yourself" kits, available in the Crafting Clinic, to encourage other skills than pushing buttons on DS game consoles! It is important that we share all our knowledge of these ancient crafts, so that they may be taken into future generations.

In the meantime, I am taking my broken toe, and my Panadol and my scrap yarns and I am going to create something spectacular!!

Until next time, please, stay safe and happy crafting!!!


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