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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go ahead...mocha my day® ...

Introducing my very original mocha my day® drink mix:

now a registered trademark product!!

I wanted to create a drink that crafters could sip on while working at their craft, which would satisfy the cravings often associated with long concentration and hard work! I came up with a rich blend of chocolates and coffee with a nutmeg twist drink that is as easy to make as it is to drink! All you do is add boiling water for a delectable hot drink, or mix some drink mix with a little hot water to blend, and add iced water or milk to give an equally delicious cold drink! Nothing more to add, it's all in the mix!

It's alluring aroma of cinnamon, combined with the luxurious delights of chocolates and coffee - this drink is the perfect pick me up on those late nights knitting or crafting! It  leaves you wonderfully relaxed yet refreshed all at the same time!

mocha my day is available for sale on my website here: 

I would welcome any people interested in catering packs. The household packs are available in 150g packs giving you a generous 15 servings - such great value!

Catering Packs of 500g are available - and I can send a sample for you to try before you buy! please contact me to discuss the extra special sprinkle you will need to serve in the cafe/restaurant as shown below:


the perfect after dinner drink! 

the next time you reach for a satisfying drink...

go ahead.... mocha my day® 

til next time, stay crafty!

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  1. Wow, you're amazing. Haven't checked in for awhile. Sorry to hear about your toe. Hope you heal fast. I'm glad to hear your storefront is getting busy, and your drink sounds wonderful. Wish I had your energy. All the best to you.


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