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Thursday, April 29, 2010

SNUGboots© by Tracey are finaly here!!

I adore the Australian iconic UGG BOOTS so much, that I have finally been able to create a knitting pattern for a baby version, for little feet in prams!!

SNUGboots© by Tracey:

pattern available now, in Ravelry page, access that through my my website HERE

Looking forward to making many pairs of these... and sharing my pattern ($5.50) with everyone...

until next time -

happy knitting!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System

The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System is here!!

Introducing my brand new knitting system completely created, designed and individually hand made right here in Australia...

This beautiful hand held straight loom with colour coordinated patterns, makes a perfect first craft tool for the absolute beginner and encourages gentle exercise for arthritic hands. Left and right handed people can easily use this loom to produce beautiful knitted fabrics.
Complete with all the notions you need including the 4mm gauge BoomerLoom© with detachable handle, wooden handled Loom Pick, darning needle, yarn weaver, 4mm crochet hook, illustrated guide and scarf pattern and yarn to get you started, The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System is the absolute must have for everyone!

Children will be making scarves and mittens in no time!

Elderly people with arthritic fingers will warm to The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System because of it's ease of use and will encourage gentle exercise to keep joints flexible and mobile and assisting in their pain management.

right and left handed people can enjoy the same terrific results every single time!

ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE of any form of knitting is required because I will include in The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System an illustrated guide with step by step pictures on how to create your first wearable garment: a scarf.

Easy to store with a detachable handle The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System is ideal for taking on holidays with you, or working with on the train or long trips in the car. Just secure with a couple of elastic bands (also included in the kit) and away you go.

I am at the moment creating and developing more patterns for The BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System which incorporate a colour coordinated pattern technique and special row counting technique so that putting your project down mid row will not leave you battling to remember difficult pattern sequences or having your stitches drop mid row!

You can look forward to patterns for:
babies shoes
much much more...

Contact me at: advice@thecraftingclinic.com to pre order your BoomerLoom© Complete Knitting System for yourself or someone you know who would love to start knitting like a pro in no time at all!!

until next time, keep looming :-)
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