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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am available!! Need my help??? .

I am looking for a position either online or in a glossy magazine where I can give crafting advice to readers to enhance subscriptions, and take advantage this fast rising popular pastime.

I am very experienced in aspects of knitting and crochet as well as designing in both these areas - I have a line of designs already in cyberspace!Conversant as well in scrapbooking, greeting card making, embellishing and more, I envisage a "Dear Crafting Clinic" page where I would be available to offer tips and advice from readers' emails. I have my own Crafting clinic email address, so all emails would come direct to me for scrutiny and editing before submitting to the person who would need to approve the content and appropriateness of each page.

I am conversant with magazine and newspaper formats, having worked in both areas. I was responsible for almost 5 years for the creation, design, printing and distribution of a weekly school magazine. I also had to take the photos, edit, crop and rejig articles in order to meet the deadlines and page formulae in a timely fashion.

The end result you would receive as publisher would require very little tweaking, which would save you time as well.

I am enthusiastic and extremely capable of providing high quality content, and intelligent articles to help make your crafting magazine the market leader, and maintaining that level by proactive promotion via my social networks and website.

Please contact me at advice@thecraftingclinic.com to discuss this further. I am desperate to get moving in this field, as major changes are afoot in my life, and the objective of securing employment in this area is my ultimate priority. I want to get settled as soon as I can, in order to perform my tasks with alacrity and help you to sustain your leading edge within your marketplace.

Don't forget, the internet is world wide, so I would be pleased to work for an online or glossy magazine ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD because we are after all, only ever a click away!

Thanks for reading my plea, please, let me help you and make a partnership that would benefit everyone!

Click to join the-crafting-clinic

Click to join the-crafting-clinic